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Morning Blues


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  • Shangri-La   – Shangri-La actually means “Heaven on Earth”. There are still places on planet earth way beyond the reach of common human beings or the areas still untouched by human activities  . Mother earth is beautiful and holds so many treasures in it’s  lap . This album captures some of those places and moments.
  • Nature’s poetry – It’s said , One becomes a poet once truly in contact with mother nature and it’s beauty, vibrancy and vivid expressions. Not only they impact but they have the whole potential to create a new human being . Being in touch is nothing less than listening or reading a poetry..
  • Digital Art   – Photographs digitally enhanced/ modified for special effects .
  • Mongroves – Sundarban , A unique ecosystem , holding largest varieties of mangroves on planet earth. Twice daily drenched by the tidal backwaters from Bay of Bengal, is also host to many unique varieties of wild animals , birds, fishes etc. Royal Bengal Tiger is one such grand name . While one-third of Sundarban is in India, two-third falls within the Bangladesh borders. The very changing nature of the land profile has protected it from humans activities. Through this album I have tried to capture a glimpse of this rare and fragile ecosystem.
  • Portraiture : People , faces and expressions of life.
  • Random : Random images from daily walks of life
Wish you happy viewing ….
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